Important Announcement: StateServ Announces Acquisition of Delta Care Rx

What We Do

We focus on DME, so our clients can focus on their patients.

Purpose-built Technology

Our powerful user-centric software platform, DMETrack, eliminates operational headaches by streamlining workflows without sacrificing advanced management reporting functionalities. We organize administrative processes from vendor contracting all the way to end-of-month billing.

Users can place orders, manage, and track DME with real-time order updates and statuses from anywhere — even a patient’s bedside, using a phone or tablet. Program administrators can access powerful reporting tools to track cost, quality, and equipment access across their organization. 

Coast to Coast Network

Through the industry’s largest and most comprehensive network of DME providers, we effortlessly meet any patient’s needs at any time. Serving 1,250 programs across the post-acute continuum including hospice, PACE, and skilled nursing, our network ensures complete coverage no matter where the patient is located. Additionally, all of our network providers must meet robust quality standards, ensuring a high level of care for all patients. 

Industry Expert Consulting

We marry the power of our technology platform and the depth of our provider networks, with the expertise of a dedicated point of contact who intimately knows the detail of your program. This consultant is ready to work with our network and technology teams to tackle any question or problem our clients have, from achieving DME spend goals to finding a unique piece of equipment, allowing your program the opportunity to improve financially and operationally.