Important Announcement: StateServ Announces Acquisition of Delta Care Rx

Moments Matter: Our COVID-19 Response

We are continuing to closely monitor the rapidly evolving situation surrounding the impact of COVID-19 on our customers, DME providers, and patients. As concern continues to grow, we’ve taken an increased focus on preparedness and planning to support our clients and DME providers. We’ve dedicated several internal resources, including the attention of our executive leadership teams, to the monitoring and evaluating of responses to operational challenges arising from this situation. Our goal during this time is to minimize disruption to patient care while retaining high levels of operational efficiencies for our clients and partners. As always, we remain committed to closely monitoring our operational status. In addition, we have increased our efforts given the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation by:

  • Creating a dedicated internal response team to deal specifically with the challenges of managing through COVID-19. Should our clients or partners encounter any extraordinary situations regarding the evolving COVID-19 situation, our team is ready to assist and offer guidance to the best of our ability. As always, our expert teams are available in addition to this dedicate COVID-19 task force, working closely with clients and partners to seek a timely and comprehensive resolution to any challenge arising from COVID-19.
  • Increasing communication and monitoring of the equipment supply chain. We continue to work closely with our DME partners and suppliers to understand the status of our network, global supply chains, and the impact of COVID-19 on equipment availability across the country.
  • Implementing operational redundancies across our business. We are committed to supporting the healthcare industry and have implemented an organizational response to equip ourselves to continue to support our clients and partners through this pandemic. We have implemented our business continuity plans across the organization, and feel confident that we are well positioned to weather any uncertainty.
  • We’re cultivating a culture of communication. We are working closely with our customers and DME providers to consolidate and manage COVID-19 related issues as they arise. We’re staying actively involved in the healthcare community to support and understand the rapidly changing landscape.

We continue to hold true to our core values to relentlessly monitor and respond to this evolving situation. As we understand the rapidly changing landscape across the nation, you can expect to see additional communications from us regarding service levels, network preparedness, and other mission-critical information. We believe we’re better together. We’re proud to leverage our technology, provider network, and expertise by partnering with the healthcare heros working in the field, providing high quality, comprehensive care to patients even through uncertain and challenging times.